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Nuorgam Holiday Village has an ideal location close to interesting bird spots. The Arctic Ocean, with its many bird species is located nearby, while Pulmankijärvi Lake is excellent for spotting wading birds or observing the gyrfalcon that nests by the fell. Day trips can be taken to many different destinations and Nuorgam Holiday Village is your perfect base.

Availability Throughout the year

Nuorgam is the Gateway to the Arctic Ocean

Norway and the Arctic Ocean are just a stone’s throw from Nuorgam. Norway is a whole world of its own throughout the year; experience small fishing villages, strong Sea Sámi culture, and the idyllic Finnish culture in Bugøynes, Little Finland.

A day trip to Norway can travel for instance, from Nuorgam via Varangerbotn to the town of Vadsø. From there you can continue your journey all the way up to Hamningberg where you will experience landscape that looks more like a moonscape. At Vadsø you can combine your journey with a cruise to Kirkenes on the Hurtigruten ferry and return to Nuorgam by car.

We recommend visiting the Sámi museums in Polmak or Varanger and a shopping trip to Tana (Sámi Sölv – Sámi jewellery boutique and handicraft exhibition).

Availability Throughout the year

Equipments for Hire

  • Cross-country ski set €25/day
  • Snowshoes €20/day
  • Downhill skis Hagan off track EA with binding 170 cm, 190 cm fur base + poles €35 / day
  • Downhill skis Ranger Sporten with EA binding 180 cm scale base + poles €35 / day
  • OAC snowslides with EA binding 160 cm base + poles €35/day
  • Poles €5/day
  • Set of warm clothes €20 / day
  • Ahkio Savotta Paljakka + harness 35 € / day
  • Ice-fishing equipment €15/day
  • Ice-Drill 10 € / day
  • Kicksled €15 / day (free for guests staying)
  • Backpack / Rucksack €15 / day
  • Snowmobile sled €50 / day

  • Walking sticks €5/day
  • Boat to Teno €30/day
  • Motor for Teno’s boat €35/day
  • Fishing equipment for Teno or the Jäämere €20/set/day
  • Dry bag €15 / day
  • Trangia traditional or multi-burner 15 € / day
  • Headlamp €5/day
  • Thermos bottle €5/day
  • Cup set €7/day
  • Excursion package €18 / person

  • Garmin 60 Cs handheld navigator €10 / day
  • Garmin 590 snowmobile navigator with Nordic sled maps €25/day
  • Satellite phone ask price
  • Binoculars 10 x 42 €10 / day
  • Sleeping bag 3 season bag €15/day
  • Sleeping bag winter €20 / day
  • Dome tent max. 4 people €25/day
  • Tunnel tent max. 3 people €40/day
  • Travel cot €15/day
  • Cold transport/storage box for food 45 l €20/day
  • Tap water canister 10 – 20 l €5/day

Arctic nature

Nuorgam is surrounded by spectacular, open and Arctic nature that is astonishingly diverse, and the Nuorgam Holiday Village is an outstanding base for exploring the Arctic wilderness. The pure nature and clean natural waters with oxygen-rich air will definitely charm you.

The environment is treeless tundra wilderness, given its own character due to proximity of the Arctic Ocean and the mountain birch at its own extremes. Kaldoaivi, Finland’s northernmost roadless wilderness area is just around the corner and provides excellent opportunities for watching nature.

The fauna is plentiful in this area. In Norway and on the shores of the Arctic Ocean you can see species you will not find in Finland. You can observe a number of species of wading birds, and there are a few rare species, such as the extremely rare European freshwater flounder and Myricaria germanica with its only known occurrence in Finland being Pulmakijärvi.

You can spot at least the following species in the immediate vicinity.


Norway lemming, mountain hare, reindeer, elk, fox. Special species of moths and butterflies.


Willow grouse, merlin, wood sandpiper, red-throated diver, bluethroat, golden plover, red-necked phalarope, black-throated diver, Arctic tern, common redshank, velvet scoter, Temminck’s stint, Siberian tit, Arctic warbler, long-tailed jaeger, common sandpiper, common redpoll


Grayling, flounder, sea salmon, Arctic charr, whitefish, trout


Cloudberry, yellow vetchling, bilberry, mountain birch, Myricaria germanica, lingonberry, mountain bearberry, marsh-marigold, dwarf birch, dwarf willow, crowberry, Habenaria straminea Fernald, Alpine enchanter’s nightshade, mountain bladder fern

A Day on The Shores of The Arctic Ocean

The day commences with transportation to the Norwegian side of the border. First we visit the Nesseby fishing village of the indigenous Coastal Sámi in Varangerfjord, which lies on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean never freezes over, so it constantly offers changing sceneries with crystal clear waters. On the return journey we will visit the Varanger Sámi Museum (Várjjat Sámi Musea).

Bookings: Two (2) days in advance before 6 p.m.

Duration approx. 4 hours
Availability Throughout the year


165 €/person, min 4 adults
Price incl. Guidance in English, transportation, coffee/tea & snacks, entrance fee for the museum

Life at the Reindeer Farm

Visit to the local reindeer farm, where the local reindeer herder welcomes you dressed in his national costume. See a reindeer herder at work as he feeds the reindeer and get to help him while learning how to catch a reindeer with a suopunki, a reindeer lasso. Hear tales of reindeer husbandry and the indigenous Sámi culture. Hot drinks and snacks will be served in the Lappish campfire shelter.


115 € /person, min 4 person
Price incl. transportation, guidance in English, program at the reindeer farm

Duration 2 hours
Availability November – March

Fishing In The Arctic Ocean

The closest fishing spot is Mortensnes, located just over half an hour’s drive from Nuorgam. Despite Norway being regarded as an expensive country, it has great benefits for fishermen as no special fishing permits are required for sea fishing, so independent fishing on the Arctic Ocean is free of charge.If it’s bigger waters you’re after, hop in a car and drive up to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway. The closest fishing spot is Mortensnes, located just over half an hour’s drive from Nuorgam. Despite Norway being regarded as an expensive country, it has great benefits for fishermen as no special fishing permits are required for sea fishing, so independent fishing on the Arctic Ocean is free of charge.

Guided sea fishing trips are available throughout the year. Catches include the red king crab, coalfish, cod and the large-mouthed catfish.

Photography in the North

The Nuorgam region is unique in Finland in terms of landscapes, natural light and atmosphere. There is no other treeless fell highland village that is this accessible. What’s more, Norway and the Arctic Ocean are nearby, providing many photography spots. There is plenty to photograph and film throughout the year, and photographers get to experience and film the strong sense of eight seasons in Nuorgam.

Availability Throughout the year