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Fell Highland Theraphy

Today’s busy way of life needs a counterbalance – we call this Fell Highland Therapy. Fell Highland Therapy is when nature revitalises and replenishes you. Above all, Fell Highland Therapy is holistic wellbeing. It is the moment when you allow yourself to calm down and relax. For us, Fell Highland Therapy comprises the following:
  • Rest and relaxation – being active is not always necessary
  • Slow down – enjoying the moment, allowing the soul to rest
  • Staring at flames – relax and focus on the crackling firewood
  • Recipe for a good night’s sleep – respite helps keep you going
  • Clean air – Nuorgam has Europe’s cleanest air with the highest oxygen content, helping you to sleep amazingly well
  • Superfood – local food and wild berries are within arm’s reach
  • Nature’s open expanses and calming impact – redirects your thoughts
  • Silence – experience the true sound of silence before hearing nature’s own relaxing playlist: birds singing, water babbling, wind humming, branches cracking, snow crunching, frost bangs…
Immersed in Fell Highland Therapy, our guests get a moment of respite. Come and experience it yourself!