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Fell Highland Skiing

Equally as important as skiing in Nuorgam is viewing the open snowscapes of the fell highlands, feeling the true power of nature and enjoying tranquillity. There is no real need to dress in tight-fitting skiing wear or a sweatband. You will feel naturally vitalised, far from everyday hustle and bustle and mass tourism destinations.

You can easily access the fell highlands directly from Nuorgam Holiday Village. The immediate vicinity has a marked and maintained (no lighting) Fielbmajärvi cross-country skiing track, taking you easily to Skaidijärvi. There is also a skiing track taking you to the campfire shelter owned and maintained by the Holiday Village.

Nuorgam Holiday Village is also a great base for departing or return journeys if you are heading for the Nuorgam–Pulmankijärvi–Sevettijärvi cross-country skiing route.

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