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As a leading tourism operator in Utsjoki municipality in Finnish Lapland, we are committed to prioritizing sustainability in our operations. Sustainability has been a cornerstone to our operations for over 50 years. Life at the northernmost tip of the European Union is based on harmonious coexistence with nature throughout the seasons.

Accreditation of the Biosphere distinction

We have been awarded the Biosphere certification and we have been labeled Sustainable Travel Finland as a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism.

Here are a few examples of what we consider in our daily operations

General considerations

  • We strive to reduce water consumption and regularly monitor it.
  • We aim to minimize energy consumption and continuously take measures to achieve this.
  • We endeavor to recycle as efficiently as possible and minimize the amount of waste generated.
  • We involve our customers in saving water and energy and recycling waste, providing them with motivating information.


  • We use local ingredients as much as possible, such as reindeer meat, elk meat, fish, mushrooms, and berries
  • We aim to minimize food waste through careful planning and portioning
  • We offer sustainably produced options to our customers


  • We change towels in cottages only once a week during a week-long stay unless the customer requests otherwise
  • We change bed linens only if the stay exceeds one week or if the customer requests it
  • We use only environmentally certified cleaning products

Ecological considerations

  • We have replaced all disposable dishes and cutlery with reusable and environmentally friendly Kupilka tableware
  • We never leave trash or waste in nature, and during the thaw, we avoid unnecessary impact on the environment
  • Our snowmobiles are equipped with low-emission four-stroke engines. Power and speed are limited by using the ECO mode.
  • In the summer, we encourage our guests to follow marked trails and guide them in respecting nature according to the Hiking Etiquette guidelines (provided by the Finnish government).

Economic, social, and ethical sustainability in our business

  • We are committed to treating all our guests equally and with respect for individuality
  • We collaborate with local businesses whenever possible
  • We aim to be a genuinely local and cultural destination, promoting local culture and lifestyle
  • We sell local handicrafts in our souvenir shop
In Utsjoki, we participate in sustainable tourism through collaboration networks and events for local entrepreneurs. We actively cooperate with other tourism service providers as well as local and national partners and authorities (Utsjoki municipality, Kaldoaivi Reindeer Herding Cooperative, Metsähallitus, police, and TUKES). Our family business also actively contributes to the development of Utsjoki municipality.