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Arctic nature

Nuorgam is surrounded by spectacular, open and Arctic nature that is astonishingly diverse, and the Nuorgam Holiday Village is an outstanding base for exploring the Arctic wilderness. The pure nature and clean natural waters with oxygen-rich air will definitely charm you.

The environment is treeless tundra wilderness, given its own character due to proximity of the Arctic Ocean and the mountain birch at its own extremes. Kaldoaivi, Finland’s northernmost roadless wilderness area is just around the corner and provides excellent opportunities for watching nature.

The fauna is plentiful in this area. In Norway and on the shores of the Arctic Ocean you can see species you will not find in Finland. You can observe a number of species of wading birds, and there are a few rare species, such as the extremely rare European freshwater flounder and Myricaria germanica with its only known occurrence in Finland being Pulmakijärvi.

You can spot at least the following species in the immediate vicinity.


Norway lemming, mountain hare, reindeer, elk, fox. Special species of moths and butterflies.


Willow grouse, merlin, wood sandpiper, red-throated diver, bluethroat, golden plover, red-necked phalarope, black-throated diver, Arctic tern, common redshank, velvet scoter, Temminck’s stint, Siberian tit, Arctic warbler, long-tailed jaeger, common sandpiper, common redpoll


Grayling, flounder, sea salmon, Arctic charr, whitefish, trout


Cloudberry, yellow vetchling, bilberry, mountain birch, Myricaria germanica, lingonberry, mountain bearberry, marsh-marigold, dwarf birch, dwarf willow, crowberry, Habenaria straminea Fernald, Alpine enchanter’s nightshade, mountain bladder fern

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