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Tag: Talven ihmemaa

Life at the Reindeer Farm

Visit to the local reindeer farm, where the local reindeer herder welcomes you dressed in his national costume. See a reindeer herder at work as he feeds the reindeer and get to help him while learning how to catch a reindeer with a suopunki, a reindeer lasso. Hear tales of reindeer husbandry and the indigenous Sámi culture. Hot drinks and snacks will be served in the Lappish campfire shelter.


115 € /person, min 4 person
Price incl. transportation, guidance in English, program at the reindeer farm

Duration 2 hours
Availability November – March

Fell Enchantment Snowshoe Excursion

Guided snowshoe trip into Nuorgam’s fell highlands, Arctic nature and tranquillity. Admire the beauty and grandness of nature as the guide tells you more about this Arctic nature, its wildlife and local culture. Hot drinks or packed lunches will be served by the campfire.


75 €/person, min 2 adults (2 h)
90 €/person, min 2 adults (3-4 h, incl picnic lunch)
Price incl. Guidence in English. equipments, warm drink or picnic lunch
Duration 2 or 3-4 hours
Availability December – April

Snowmobile Safari to the Nuorgam Fells

Experience the power of the Arctic on snowmobiles riding as far as the Finnish–Norwegian border.

Duration 2-4 hours
Availability December – April


145 € /person, 2 person/snowmobile (2,5h safari hot drinks and snacks)
215 €/person, 2 person/snowmobile (4h safari + picnic lunch)
Extra fee when 70€/person 1 person/snowmobile
Price incl. Guidance in English, snowmobile (2 person/snowmobile), fuel, picnic lunch (4 h safari), warm overalls, helmet, insurance (self-liability payment of (1 200 €/accident)

Northern Lights Trip on Snowmobiles

The Nuorgam region is Finland’s northernmost place to view the Northern Lights. Our northern location without artificial light pollution gives you plenty of opportunities for watching the night sky and filming the Northern Lights in a variety of different environments, from river landscapes to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Guided Northern Lights trips help you explore the night-time Arctic nature and discover places where the skies are best. Weather permitting, you have a good opportunity of seeing an unforgettable Northern Lights performance. The guide will give you tips on how to capture the Northern Lights with your camera while telling you tales of the wondrous Aurora Borealis. During the excursion, hot drinks will be served.

Duration 2 hours
Availability December–April


175€/person with two persons per snowmobile
245€/person with one person per snowmobile
165€/person riding in the sled pulled by a snowmobile
Price incl. The price includes guidance in Finnish or English, snowmobile (2/snowmobile) or riding in sled, fuel, hot drinks, warm clothing, helmet, insurance (excess in case of accident is EUR 750/snowmobile). The rider must hold a valid driver’s licence.