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Pan fried whitefish (L, G) 27,90€
-New potatoes, seasonal vegetables and dill beurre blanc

Sauteed local reindeer (L, G) 31,50€
-Mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber

Beef minute steak filled with smoked reindeer and fresh cheese (L, G) 26,80€
-Seasonal vegetables, french fries and a red wine sauce

Salmon soup (L, G) 19,90€
-Rainbow trout roe and rye bread with butter

Croquette of funnel mushroom and seitan (Veg, G) 18,90€
-Seasonal vegetables and beetroot hummus-yoghurt sauce

Caesar salad, bacon, parmesan, croutons (L, G*, incl. fish) 15,80€
-Roasted chicken breast 19,90€
-Smoked salmon 22,90 €

Shrimp and smoked salmon sandwich (L, G*) 19,50 €
-Citrus marinated shrimp, smoked salmon mousse, whole wheat bread,
salad, egg, marinated red onion and cherry tomatoes

House burger (L, G*) 19,50 €
-150g beef patty, bacon, cheddar, homemade chipotle mayonnaise,
marinated red onion, pickled cucumber and salad. French fries and ketchup

Children’s menu(3-12y)

Meatballs and mashed potatoes (L, G) 11,50 €
Cheese hamburger and french fries (L, G*) 13,50 €
Sauteed local reindeer and mashed potatoes (L, G) 16,50 €
Pan fried white fish and mashed potatoes (L, G) 16,50 €

Homemade chocolate cake (L, G) 12,20€
-Vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam

Bread cheese (L, G) 10,90€

  • Cloudberries and cinnamon cream

Ice cream, berries and sauce (L, G) 8,90€