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Our canoes are high-quality Finnish Anar anchor canoes, which are perfectly suitable for two people. For a canoe trip, you need weather-appropriate clothing and suitable shoes, and depending on the length of the trip, picnic lunches.

From Lomakylä’s beach, you can directly reach Nuorgam backwater, where the river flows downstream at a steady pace. For example, you can paddle to the Norwegian side to the first village Polmak or further towards Tenonvuono.

Canoe trip recommendations

Nuorgam backwater

Nuorgam – Pulmanki

Lake Pulmankijärvi

From Pulmankijärvi Alapulmankijoki to Teno

From us you can get transport (pickups and exports) to Pulmankijärvi and other agreed places.

Canoe rental prices

1-3 hours €30

4-8 hours €50

The price includes life jackets

Our number one recommendation, Alapulmankijoki, is located in a sheltered valley, where you can enjoy paddling even with little wind without big waves. Paddling with the current is also suitable for beginners, as the river has no rapids or rocks. The self-guided kayaking trip to Alapulmankijoki that we offer includes transport (transport to the upper reaches of the river and retrieval from the lower reaches), canoes, paddles and life jackets for two. Price €95 / 2 persons

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