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At Nuorgam Holiday Village we want to offer you the opportunity to feel at home on holiday. There’s plenty to do for those who thrive from activity – and there’s tranquillity promised for those who favour relaxation gazing at the flowing Tenojoki River or perhaps watching the Northern Lights. Don’t forget that staying at Nuorgam you will be able to experience two nations on one trip. Fell highland therapy is a novel way of revitalising yourself and relaxing. Come and experience it for yourself!

There are plenty of fell highland lakes close to Nuorgam on both sides of the Finland – Norway border. You can choose a different lake for each trip, and the Arctic char here has a fine red belly.

Northern Lights are the most spectacular colour show of northern nature. They are light phenomena appearing as colourful, dancing and quickly moving lights that change form, and can be viewed in the northern regions in dark and clear night skies.

The magnificent Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area is one of the nation’s best willow grouse grounds, located close to the Nuorgam Holiday Village.

The Nuorgam region is unique in Finland in terms of landscapes, natural light and atmosphere.

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