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Winter Wonderland

In Nuorgam, the wide-open, glistening white snowscapes open up in front of you and the Arctic Ocean will enchant you with its sparkling clear water. You can explore the surrounding nature on snowmobiles, skis or snowshoes. Polar Night period (26 November – 16 January) is the time when spectacular colours colour the skies in different colours every day. Northern Lights take care of the night-time artistic performances.

Price: 115,00

Visit to the local reindeer farm, where the local reindeer herder welcomes you dressed in his national costume.

AvailabilityNovember - March
Price: 85,00

Guided Northern Lights trips help you explore the night-time Arctic nature and discover places where the skies are best.

AvailabilityDecember - April
Price: 75,00

Guided snowshoe trip into Nuorgam’s fell highlands, Arctic nature and tranquillity.

AvailabilityDecember - April
Price: 295,00

A day spent at sea among the fjords, pulling up the crab traps, savouring delicacies.

AvailabilityAll year round, NOT during 21.12-5.1. And not in April
Category: Arctic Nature
Price: 155,00

Spend a day like the locals!

AvailabilityDecember - April
Price: 265,00

Drive your own team of sled-pulling huskies! This tour takes you through the open, completely silent and wintry fell highland snowscapes.

Wintertime makes Nuorgam a superior place for snowmobile riding due to its outstanding location and many different routes. You can choose snowmobile day trips from a short ice fishing trip to an Arctic Ocean safari covering hundreds of kilometres.

Price: 165,00

Experience the power of the Arctic on snowmobiles riding as far as the Finnish–Norwegian border.

AvailabilityDecember - April

Equally as important as skiing in Nuorgam is viewing the open snowscapes of the fell highlands, feeling the true power of nature and enjoying tranquillity.

Weather permitting, you have a good opportunity of seeing an unforgettable Northern Lights performance while riding a snowmobile across the snowscapes.


Northern Lights are the most spectacular colour show of northern nature. They are light phenomena appearing as colourful, dancing and quickly moving lights that change form, and can be viewed in the northern regions in dark and clear night skies.