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Vibrant autumn colours

The vibrantly coloured period called “ruska” is unique in Nuorgam; the vibrantly coloured shrubbery can be admired as far as the eye can see, as there are no trees to obstruct your view. The vibrantly coloured autumn foliage commences when the first frost sets in and the flora starts to prepare for the coming of winter. This autumnal period also marks the beginning of dark nights, which means the Northern Lights can also be seen.

Price: 85,00

Guided Northern Lights trips help you explore the night-time Arctic nature and discover places where the skies are best.

AvailabilityDecember - April
Price: 295,00

A day spent at sea among the fjords, pulling up the crab traps, savouring delicacies.

AvailabilityAll year round, NOT during 21.12-5.1. And not in April

In the magnificent landscapes surrounding Nuorgam, on top of the fells and down in the river valley, even the most demanding of mountain bikers will discover their own trails.

AvailabilityMay - October

The Nuorgam region has excellent areas for picking berries and mushrooms from the end of July through to the beginning of September.

AvailabilityJuly - September

The fell highland terrain of the Nuorgam region offers relaxed trekking and a more challenging pace on the Norwegian fells.

AvailabilityAlways weather permitting

Explore the region easily by bike.

AvailabilityMay - October

Northern Lights are the most spectacular colour show of northern nature. They are light phenomena appearing as colourful, dancing and quickly moving lights that change form, and can be viewed in the northern regions in dark and clear night skies.

The Nuorgam region is unique in Finland in terms of landscapes, natural light and atmosphere.

AvailabilityThroughout the year