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Norway and the Arctic Ocean

Staying at Nuorgam Holiday Village you can experience two nations on one trip! The Norwegian border is merely a stone’s throw away and the Arctic Ocean is only half an hour’s drive from Nuorgam.

Price: 295,00

A day spent at sea among the fjords, pulling up the crab traps, savouring delicacies.

AvailabilityAll year round, NOT during 21.12-5.1. And not in April
Price: 165,00

A visit to the Coastal Sámi fishing village of Nesseby in the Varangerfjord and the Sámi Museum in Varangerbotn.

AvailabilityThroughout the year

If it’s bigger waters you’re after, hop in a car and drive up to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway.

Nuorgam Holiday Village has an ideal location close to interesting bird spots.

AvailabilityThroughout the year

Norway and the Arctic Ocean are just a stone’s throw from Nuorgam. Norway is a whole world of its own throughout the year; experience small fishing villages, strong Coastal Sámi culture, and the idyllic Finnish culture in Bugøynes, Little Finland.

AvailabilityThroughout the year

The Nuorgam region is unique in Finland in terms of landscapes, natural light and atmosphere.

AvailabilityThroughout the year