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Eight seasons

Springtime arrival

River Tenojoki ice breaks up and flows downstream while marsh marigold push their way up through the thawing snow.

Midnight Sun – Nightless Night (16 May–27 July)

The most sensitive season of the year, with never-ending sunshine and light. Light is always present with its unique shades shown in the evening, night, early morning – excellent at inspiring photography and painting.

Harvest time

Berries and mushrooms are ready for picking. The evenings start to get a little darker and paint nature with new shades.

Vibrant autumn foliage

A time when Arctic flora is vibrantly coloured. Nature prepares for its winter rest.

True autumn time

A time when the darkness of the skies is seen briefly and the first snowfall brings back the light to replace the sunshine.

Polar Night & Northern Lights

The Polar Night in Nuorgam lasts for over 50 days (26 November – 16 January). The Polar Night is a twilight period that naturally slows down your pace and gives you the opportunity to relax. Using your camera you can capture the glow of the Northern Lights, the blue twilight of the Polar Night and its varying shades.

First rays of Arctic sunshine

Summer will arrive quicker than you think! This is the time nature receives its most spectacular splash of colour.

Early spring

– this cannot be done justice using words, it simply has to be experienced. The snowscapes shine so brightly that the darkest of dark sunglasses are vital.