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How to get here?

How to get here? Distances

How to get here?

We have a five-star location at the northernmost point of Finland and the European Union, just half an hour’s drive from the Arctic Ocean, on the shores of the great Tenojoki River and in the heart of the enchanting fell highlands, right on the edge of the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area.

Nuorgam is located 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Our location is a very central connection point for journeys to the Arctic Ocean and the County of Finnmark in Norway, and is the junction point for a number of summertime and wintertime routes. Staying at Nuorgam Holiday Village you can experience two nations on one trip!


We are located at the end of the E75 main road, right on the border with Norway.


The nearest airports are located in Ivalo (210 km) and Kirkkoniemi in Norway (160 km).


The closest railway station is in Rovaniemi (510 km) with daily bus services to Nuorgam. Check bus timetables on the Matkahuollon website.



  • Polmak (national border) 3 km
  • Arctic Ocean 30 km
  • Tana Bru 23 km
  • Vadsø (Vesisaari) 85 km
  • Båtsfjord 160 km
  • Kirkenes (airport) 160 km
  • Mehamn 230 km (northernmost point of mainland Europe)
  • Utsjoki 45 km
  • Inari 170 km
  • Ivalo (airport) 210 km
  • Rovaniemi (airport and railway station) 510 km